Park Inn Hotel-Jeddah by Mz Architects

Mz Architects Shares The Park Inn Hotel-Jeddah Hotel

MZ Architects, the thinktank behind the highlighted work MZ Architects's Park Inn Hotel - Jeddah Hotel explains, The Park Inn Jeddah Hotel project is an interplay of art and architecture. Its making investigates the overlap of both fields and lo <Cropped>

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Bottle of Wine by Vladimír Raška

Vladimír Raška Designs The Piero Di Gardi Bottle of Wine

Vladimír Raška, the maker of the displayed project Piero di Gardi by Vladimír Raška demonstrates, Design of handwritten wine label symbolizes love letters between a young Czech girl and an Austrian officer. Two manuscripts of young beautiful peop <Cropped>

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Restaurant by Cheng Tsao

Cheng Tsao Spotlights The Qujian Ding Man Xiang Restaurant Restaurant

Cheng Tsao, the maker of the highlighted work Qujian Ding Man Xiang Restaurant by Cheng Tsao demonstrates, The owner is seeking the elegant and simplified European style, without falling into duplicated standard. Therefore, the designer chooses the c <Cropped>

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Moho Art Prize

Moho Art Prize Is An Important Award Given to The Best International Talents in Contemporary Art.applications Are Reserved For Artists Under 50 Years Old. Applications Are Open to Artists of Any Nationality. Moho Art Prize Is An Important Award Given To

Moho art prize is an important award given to the best international talents in contemporary art.applications are reserved for artists under 50 years old. applications are open to artists of any nationality. Moho art prize is an important award give <Cropped>

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Coffee Table by Steve Visser

Steve Visser Presents The Herculano Coffee Table

Steve Visser, the lead designer of the awarded work Herculano by Steve Visser explicates, Herculano was inspired by wooden items from ancient Herculaneum, Italy. The ancient; furniture, boats, and architectural elements were carbonized and preserved <Cropped>

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Award Winning Ragu Communication Stationery Brand Identity

Eleonora Venzaga Designs The Ragu Communication Stationery Brand Identity

Eleonora Venzaga, the project leader of the highlighted work Award Winning Ragu Communication Stationery Brand Identity explains, The design is not just about font, colors, images or layout that a designer chooses. We call it design, but in reality, <Cropped>

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Executive Office Desk by Vincenzo Vinci and Ettore Giordano

Vincenzo Vinci and Ettore Giordano Exhibits The Aulenti Executive Office Desk

Vincenzo Vinci and Ettore Giordano, the creative mind behind the displayed project Award Winning Aulenti Executive office desk explains, Much more than a formal design. A sum of functional details, techniques and technology. Aulenti desk combine trad <Cropped>

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Grow-Hot-Water Bag by Tahsin Emre Eke

Tahsin Emre Eke Shows The Grow Hot-Water Bag

Tahsin Emre Eke, the architect of the awarded design Tahsin Emre Eke's Grow Hot-water Bag illustrates, The product is foldable and could be adapted to every part of the body equally. You just have to keep with handle to pour the hot water in in <Cropped>

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Epicenter Lite by Alfredo Mendez & Joshua Jimenez

Alfredo Mendez & Joshua Jimenez Shows The Epicenter Lite Seismic Alert Device

Alfredo Mendez & Joshua Jimenez, the creator of the awarded project Seismic Alert Device by Alfredo Mendez & Joshua Jimenez demonstrates, The design team made a great effort to give a good design to the earthquake warning device. The name “ <Cropped>

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Stool:ane by Troy Backhouse

Troy Backhouse Creates The Ane Stool

Troy Backhouse, the thinktank behind the award winning design Ane by Troy Backhouse explicates, The Ane stool has solid timber slats of timber that appear to float harmoniously, yet independently from the timber legs, above the steel frame . The desi <Cropped>

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