Bistro Restaurant by Hsin-Ting Weng

Hsin-Ting Weng Reveals The Gatto Bianco Bistro Restaurant

Hsin-Ting Weng, the lead designer of the displayed work Award Winning Gatto Bianco Bistro Restaurant says, A playful blend of retro stories in this street bistro, encompassing assorted furnishings of iconic styles: vintage Windsor loveseats, Danish r <Cropped>

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Residence by Marcus Hsu

Marcus Hsu Discloses The Concerto Residence

Marcus Hsu, the creative mind behind the highlighted project Residence by Marcus Hsu demonstrates, Formal language preferred. Type between 128 to 500 characters. What is this design, and what makes this design different from others, the strenghts and <Cropped>

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Packaging:honey of The Messestadt by Joel Derksen

Joel Derksen Shows The Honey of The Messestadt Packaging

Joel Derksen, the thinktank behind the awarded design Joel Derksen's Honey of the Messestadt Packaging explains, In 1992, visionary planners transformed an abandoned Munich airport into an “eco-utopian” community. Concrete runways were repla <Cropped>

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Desigence Oy, Finland's Star Remote Access Video Baby Monitor

Desigence Oy, Finland Exhibits The Star Remote Access Video Baby Monitor

Desigence Oy, Finland, the author of the highlighted project Desigence Oy, Finland's Star Remote access video baby monitor spells out, Star is a next generation baby monitoring solution with HD video streaming, alerts and online tools designed t <Cropped>

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Hospital Ship by Luis Felipe Burigotto Rocco

Luis Felipe Burigotto Rocco Reveals The Blue Frontiers Ship Hospital Ship

Luis Felipe Burigotto Rocco, the designer of the award winning project Blue Frontiers Ship by Luis Felipe Burigotto Rocco points out, It all started with the tragic moment that the world has experienced in recent times and challenged the designer L <Cropped>

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Russian Design Pavilion by Anastasia Krylova & Maria Tvardovskaya

Anastasia Krylova & Maria Tvardovskaya Presents The Russian Design Pavilion Program of Design Events

Anastasia Krylova & Maria Tvardovskaya, the project leader of the awarded work Russian Design Pavilion by Anastasia Krylova & Maria Tvardovskaya says, exhibitions, design contests, workshops, educational design consulting and publishing proje <Cropped>

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Premium Coffee Gift Packaging

A Famous Premium Coffee Brand and Desall Invite You to Design a New Line of Packaging Solutions, to Serve as Gifts For a Special Occasion, Be It Christmas or Other Celebrationpremium Coffee Gift Packaging New Packaging Design Contest On a Fam

A famous premium coffee brand and desall invite you to design a new line of packaging solutions, to serve as gifts for a special occasion, be it christmas or other celebrationPremium coffee gift packaging new packaging design contest on <Cropped>

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The Screeners-Movie Review Blog by Liam Martens

Liam Martens Discloses The The Screeners Movie Review Blog

Liam Martens, the thinktank behind the highlighted design Award Winning The Screeners Movie Review Blog points out, The design of The Screeners aims to bring a pleasing, simple and usable experience to movie review websites. Many websites of the sam <Cropped>

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Kilt Cult by Fernanda Bueno

Fernanda Bueno Reveals The Kilt Cult Fashion Collection

Fernanda Bueno, the author of the awarded work Fashion collection:Kilt Cult by Fernanda Bueno says, Kilt Cult is a fashion collection created by designer Fernanda Bueno for FEMMAN, her upcoming brand whose motto is to disseminate what she calls fre <Cropped>

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Interior Design by Tzu-Cheng Cho

Tzu-Cheng Cho Portrays The Mm Hall Interior Design

Tzu-Cheng Cho, the architect of the awarded design Tzu-Cheng Cho's MM Hall Interior Design illustrates, "Living in fashion, surrounding by the natural" as the axis of the interior design concept in this case, as different natural scene <Cropped>

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