Avanti Air-Blutooth On Ear Headphone by Anthony Chen

Anthony Chen Illustrates The Avanti Air Blutooth On Ear Headphone

Anthony Chen, the project leader of the highlighted work Avanti Air by Anthony Chen explicates, Avanti Air is a stylish combination of high-grade material, duribility and excellent wearing comfort. They can be folded into a compact case for easy carr <Cropped>

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Artur Nesterenko's Casaplutonia Resort

Artur Nesterenko Portrays The Casaplutonia Resort

Artur Nesterenko, the lead designer of the award winning design CasaPlutonia by Artur Nesterenko explicates, Inspired by Joshua Tree’s breathtaking vistas, infinite sky, and enigmatic rock formations, the design team at Archillusion Design has envi <Cropped>

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Lab.15 Art Contest

A Great Opportunity For The Artists, Which Can Win a Cash Prize, Have The Chance to Exhibit Their Artworks in a Gallery in Milan (italy) and Much More

A great opportunity for the artists, which can win a cash prize, have the chance to exhibit their artworks in a gallery in milan (italy) and much more. .

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Award Winning Songshan Lake Pavilion Science Museum

Gies Illustrates The Songshan Lake Pavilion Science Museum

GIES, the creator of the awarded project Science Museum by GIES explains, The exhibition hall is planned to eight theme,include an impression of Songhu, an overview of the park, a view of the future, an overall plan of development, a roaming theate <Cropped>

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Deep Cavern Studio-The Habitat of The Artist by Claudio Hebberecht

Claudio Hebberecht Shows The Deep Cavern Studio The Habitat of The Artist

Claudio Hebberecht, the designer of the highlighted design Deep Cavern Studio by Claudio Hebberecht explains, The Habitat of the Artist, fully integrated into the environment by it´s natural flowing lines. Reinforced concrete dome connected with t <Cropped>

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Camping by Kira Design Limited

Kira Design Limited Illustrates The Aura Dome Camping

Kira Design Limited, the architect of the displayed design Camping:Aura Dome by Kira Design Limited explicates, Aura Dome is designed base on the igloo aesthetics outline, also with the hidden conception behind this project. The design team have ment <Cropped>

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Lamp and Chandelier :ausos by Natalie Musorina

Natalie Musorina Creates The Ausos Lamp and Chandelier

Natalie Musorina, the creator of the highlighted work Lamp and Chandelier by Natalie Musorina demonstrates, Ausos is a series of smart lamps inspired by ancient solar symbols and functionality of the sun. Like the sun, they have a dawn function to p <Cropped>

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Home Garden by Agnieszka Hubeny-Zukowska

Agnieszka Hubeny-Zukowska Portrays The Oasis The City Home Garden Home Garden

Agnieszka Hubeny-Zukowska, the creator of the awarded design Award Winning Oasis the city home garden home garden says, Garden surrounding the historic willa in the city center. Long and narrow plot with height differences of 7m. Area was divided in <Cropped>

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Web Design by Stella Chenjie Guan

Stella Chenjie Guan Exhibits The The Ventroom Web Design

Stella Chenjie Guan, the author of the highlighted project Web Design:The Ventroom by Stella Chenjie Guan explains, The Modern Dating Ventroom is a fully interactive web page designed to present common online dating dilemma through a satirical approa <Cropped>

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The Holy Ghost by Yi Chen & Muchen Zhang

Yi Chen & Muchen Zhang Discloses The The Holy Ghost Furniture

YI Chen & Muchen Zhang , the maker of the displayed work The Holy Ghost by YI Chen & Muchen Zhang illustrates, ious belief and mental experience as Christians in conceptualizing The Holy Ghost Chair. We are always grateful. The glow of the H <Cropped>

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