Patchwork-Table by Yılmaz Dogan

Yılmaz Dogan Spotlights The Patchwork Table

Yılmaz Dogan, the author of the award winning work Patchwork by Yılmaz Dogan points out, Yılmaz Dogan, who started out with the idea that different industrial materials could be used together on a table tray, said that he designed a flexibility in <Cropped>

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Chair by Jie Luo

Jie Luo Shares The The Broccoli Chair

Jie Luo, the maker of the highlighted design The Broccoli - chair by Jie Luo spells out, A simple hypothesis about changing chair's form inspires an idea of provoking human activity: by turning chair's two dimensional back into three dime <Cropped>

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Japanese Restaurant by J. Candice Interior Architects

J. Candice Interior Architects Reveals The Masu Japanese Restaurant

J. Candice Interior Architects, the designer of the highlighted design Masu by J. Candice Interior Architects demonstrates, Since feudal times in Japan, Masu was a wooden box used to measure rice, enough to find one person for the day. The owner of t <Cropped>

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Award Winning Gentle Transition Cup Transition Cup

Simon Kang Shows The Gentle Transition Cup Transition Cup

Simon Kang, the project leader of the displayed work Simon Kang's Gentle Transition Cup Transition Cup explicates, It becomes clear that babies are ready to transition out of a bottle and into a sippy cup when they begin trying to hold the bottl <Cropped>

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Storage For Toys:lefun by Daniel Ortega and Maria Baldo

Daniel Ortega and Maria Baldo Presents The Lefun Storage For Toys

Daniel Ortega and Maria Baldo, the creator of the displayed project Storage for toys by Daniel Ortega and Maria Baldo points out, Lefun is a new playmate to help you keep your room tidy. It can be carried on wheels wherever you want by pulling his tr <Cropped>

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Pairup-Walk in My Shoes-Lifestyle Shoes by Abdelrahman Galal

Abdelrahman Galal Demonstrates The Pairup-Walk in My Shoes Lifestyle Shoes

Abdelrahman Galal, the creator of the displayed design Abdelrahman Galal's Pairup-Walk in My Shoes Lifestyle Shoes demonstrates, Pair Up-The diversity shoes. Everyday our world is increasingly diverse. The diversity of religion, race, gender, cu <Cropped>

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Adda-Cafe and Brewery by Devesh Pratyay

Devesh Pratyay Portrays The Adda Cafe and Brewery

Devesh Pratyay, the creator of the awarded work Cafe and brewery by Devesh Pratyay says, Adda, in hindi means a place to gather and hang out. A place to hang out and be together is offered here. With two terraces and an enclosed space that together f <Cropped>

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Architectural Light Installation by Nico Ueberholz-Ueberholz Gmbh

Nico Ueberholz-Ueberholz Gmbh Creates The Lichtzeitraum-Architecture Biennale Architectural Light Installation

Nico Ueberholz - Ueberholz GmbH, the designer of the highlighted work Architectural light installation:Lichtzeitraum-Architecture Biennale by Nico Ueberholz - Ueberholz GmbH explicates, Our entire world is structured by light and shade, time and r <Cropped>

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Branding Tool :laundry by Taiki Kato

Taiki Kato Shares The Laundry Branding Tool

Taiki Kato, the maker of the awarded project Laundry - Branding Tool by Taiki Kato illustrates, A unique design that unites spatial design and identity. It started with a plan to renovate a former coin-laundry into a co-sharing office specific to cr <Cropped>

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H and Bake-brand Identity and Packaging Design by Schema, Inc

Schema, Inc. Creates The H and Bake Brand Identity and Packaging Design

Schema, inc., the designer of the displayed project Award Winning H and Bake Brand identity and packaging design explains, Based on the concept of the brand, which was also came up by the design team, they visualize the simplicity and purity of the p <Cropped>

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